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Why You Want a Google+ Local Listing

  • 95% of all smartphone users have searched for local businesses.

  • After searching, 61% of all users call and 59% visit the location.

  • 90% of those people act within 24 hours.

  • +1.866.215.7290

Your Google+ Local Listing Gets Your Business Found Online
One of the underlying assumptions of the Slomogo Methodology for business marketing is that social marketing provides the best foundation for high-trust advertising. When businesses build an authentic social network, they create the foundation for future business because local search privileges social linking. The best social linking comes in the form of business reviews by satisfied customers. The most prized reviews will increasingly be found on Google+ Local.

In case you don’t spend your days boning up on search punditry because you’re busy doing more important things, you may have missed Google’s entree into the social networking race. You probably have noticed that Google has the dominant search engine that makes things easier to find online. And, if you have Googled something of late, you might have noticed that Google has invested quite a lot in helping you find things off-line.

Google+ Wants Your Business to Socialize (on Google)

Google helps you find things by leveraging its sizable investment in Google Maps and rolling this into search results through Google+ Local. If, for example, you Google the term “bike shop” Google will present search results based on your language and location as well as other criteria. Broadly, this is part of what Google calls personalization.

See how a generic search for “bike shop” returns quite a few results in the Jacksonville, Florida area? Google’s results are dominated by the map to the right and seven local results. Only three positions above the local listings are allocated for organic results.

For the local results, mousing over the liting shows a quick view of the establishment’s Google+ Local page:

Selecting the “Google reviews” sends your prospective customer straight to your Google+ Local page:

Optimizing Google+ Local is key to ensuring your business is well positioned to be found when potential customers go looking. Google’s dominant position in search means they can allocate less space to organic results and focus more on local results and advertising. Rank well with Google+ Local and your business will rank higher in Google search results.

How You Can Make Your Google+ Listing Count

Verify Your Listing
In the example above, the business would have ranked better if it verified its listing. This gives your business more credibility since verification confirms there are real people managing your Google+ page. A verified business means people are more likely to interact with your Google+ business/brand page.

List Your Business in the Correct Business Category
Correctly categorizing your business helps Google accurately return your business in search results. A wrong category listing will divert your search results to the wrong prospect. It’s like having a sign that directs people the wrong way.

List Your Physical Address
Every Google+ Local business must have a physical address in order to rank well in search results. If you don’t have an address; it’s not very local, is it?

Update and Solicit Testimonials and Reviews
It stands to reason that good commentary about your business will cause people to click on your listing and/or site, which will improve your standing with Google (traffic begets traffic). More reviews and citations are desirable in that activity improves your ranking along with frequent updates to your listing.

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