Map Pop, Inc.

Create your own mobile-optimized website with Map Pop!

How It Works

  • 95% of all smartphone users have searched for local businesses.

  • After searching, 61% of all users call and 59% visit the location.

  • 90% of those people act within 24 hours.

  • +1.888.336.8735

You sign-up:
Once we get started with your sign-up, it moves quickly. We get your site up within three days of sign-up and we have it optimized for mobile and local search within thirty days of your start.

One of our mobile specialists calls you:
This is where we collect some info on your business: location, telephone number, hours of operation, marketing message. Everything we need to make sure we can build your site. We also collect your logo, information about your services and web hosting details in case you want your mobile site to redirect smoothly when people look at your site from their phone.

Once has your information, we schedule a call to review a draft version of your site the following day.

You review the template and tell us how you’d like to change the site:
You check-out the colors, button style, information presented and give us feedback. We want your mobile site to be exactly how you want it, so tell us how we can make it better.

Map Pop developers build and launch your site:
We add all the information and the design you’ve selected to create 3-10 custom pages including mobile click-to-call, location aware maps, social network links and product images or service summary. We can include your menu, rooms for hotels, upcoming event pages or create a web form so people can send email inquiries.

We make your site findable (remember: location, location, location?)
At we have some seriously search-obsessed people who submit your site to mobile and local search engines. Local directories. Add your site location to Google and Bing maps. We also set you up on social sites that help you get top listing on the search engines.

Then we update and monitor each month to make sure you’re on the top of Google search listings and you remain there.

You get customers!
The best part — you get tons of walk-in traffic from searches (since you were the first to go mobile), people call you because click-to-call is so easy, people order food, make reservations and buy things from you when they are somewhere else. If you sign them up with Facebook or Twitter, they can get notifications when you want to announce specials or events.