When we take on new jobs we will walk through the space you have chosen to make better, ask questions and lend suggestions.

We can give you a sketched out design as to the alteration and job specifications.

We can look over your soil and suggest (if needed) any amendments.. We will go after weeds without mercy, always removing as much root as we can. We love to weed!

We will help you select the best plants for your wants - from veggie gardens too manicured landscapes and so much more.

Once your garden is the the ground we can help guide you through the \'what if\'s\' and \'what to do\'s\' of keeping your garden maintained year round.

We specialize in creating healthy soils, invasive weed removal, native plants, raised beds, and so much more...

For inquiries, comments or feedback, please send us an email.
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About Us

Ever want to just leave? Simply leave it all behind, and go? That is what we are here for. Most people take their car, truck, or SUV out on an adventure, to just get away from the humdrum. What is wrong with taking your favorite music, movies, Karaoke, and/or Internet with you? We specialize in bringing the best prices available on the Internet for what you want right to your door!

Let us make your wishes come true. That’s our specialty.

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  • Car Stereos
  • Dvd Players For Trucks and Cars
  • Portable Cameras For Trucks and Cars

Hours & Payment

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM