When we take on new jobs we will walk through the space you have chosen to make better, ask questions and lend suggestions.

We can give you a sketched out design as to the alteration and job specifications.

We can look over your soil and suggest (if needed) any amendments.. We will go after weeds without mercy, always removing as much root as we can. We love to weed!

We will help you select the best plants for your wants - from veggie gardens too manicured landscapes and so much more.

Once your garden is the the ground we can help guide you through the \'what if\'s\' and \'what to do\'s\' of keeping your garden maintained year round.

We specialize in creating healthy soils, invasive weed removal, native plants, raised beds, and so much more...

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Welcome to Schumacher Masonry INC, your industry-leading stonework and masonry contractor in Lake Forest, CA. We are proud to offer a wide variety of masonry work and masonry services to the community, including stamped concrete, brick installation, stone installation, and concrete installation. No matter the foundation, our masonry can provide you the building material and services to construct your driveways, garden dividers, and backyard ovens, to name a few of our masonry works. Our paver installation will ensure that everything is set to the appropriate section, so you’ll be able to enjoy the space you designed.

If your masonry needs a little maintenance, we can also provide a repair service as well. Brick repairs are perfect for repairing and replacing any broken bricks due to wear or natural disasters. Stone repairs and concrete repairs are also offered in case of damage or cracks, returning a smooth covering for your driveways and ovens. No matter the repair needed, we can fix or replace it!

We are a family owned and operated business with experience exceeding 25 years, so you can count on quality and efficient services. We service not only residential homes but HOA projects as well, so your housing complexes get the desirable and efficient work they deserve. When you need the best stonework and masonry contractor in the business, why turn to anyone else? Call Schumacher Masonry INC today to schedule your next project with the best contractors in the business!

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For inquiries, comments or feedback, please send us an email.
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